Arnolds Sports Festival 2022


The Arnold Sports Festival stands out as the world’s largest health, fitness, and multi-sport expo, showcasing elite events and the latest trends in the industry. At Brandnew, we’re passionate about sports, so when Built for Athletes reached out for help designing their exhibition stand, we jumped at the chance!

The challenge? Create a reusable stand that could adapt to multiple shows throughout the year. Durability and adaptability were key, and of course, it had to be bold and eye-catching—mission accomplished!

Our design included a striking 6-meter back wall with a depth-adding printed backdrop. A cleverly tucked-away storage cupboard added functionality, and a 42-inch screen mounted on the cupboard’s face showcased engaging video content. This setup not only met the client’s brief but ensured a visually captivating and interactive presence at the event.

To enhance flexibility, the flooring options changed from show to show. Sometimes a simple vinyl cover, other times a raised floor with trim for that extra flair. By reusing the same setup, we could tailor the details for each event.

Built for Athletes loved their reusable stand, taking it on the road for numerous successful outings. At the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, visitors snagged both small and large backpacks, making it a hit over the 3-day event. Great return on investment and a standout presence achieved!



Built for Athletes


23-25 September, 2022


NEC Birmingham